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HR Consultancy for Small / Medium Businesses

HR Consultancy for SMBs

$100 per hour

Lloyds HR Consultancy specializes in the provision of consulting services to Small and Medium-sized businesses located around South East Brisbane on key HR services such as Recruitment (end-to-end), Employee Relations and HR Policy Development.

In terms of Recruitment, Lloyds’s highly experienced HR consultants work closely with clients to provide the framework that enables the organization to source, attract and retain right-fit talents to meet their staffing requirements.  Central to our success in this regard is our ability to focus on the clients’ expectations and consult them on key strategies that would propel the organisation forward towards becoming an Employer of Choice.

The collective experiences of Lloyds’ consultants across all functions of HR, make for HR experts who have a holistic view of HR as a key Business Partner and are able to share from their extensive first-hand experience in people-management.

Our expertise in strategic internal communications reflects our passion for developing a strong and winning HR culture within organisations; this then facilitates a productive and progressive employee-employer relationship.  We work diligently to understand the unique needs of the people who matter most to organisations i.e their employees!

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