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Why should I hire you?

Translation: We have hundreds of applications for this position. Why should it be you that we choose?

Other versions of the question:

  1. What is it about you that makes you stand out?
  2. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?
  3. What are you bringing to this role?

Important to Note:

Always remember that the interview is not about you, but the company getting the best talent the market has to offer. The best approach is aligning existing skills and experience to the company’s needs and current pain.

  • The interviewer wants you to convince them that you are worth the recruiting trouble.
  • They want to be sure that you can perform and that out of all the applications they have received, their best shot is seated right in front of them…

Find out more about:

  • Other points to note
  • Pitfalls to avoid when answering this question and
  • A sample Response

Download the article – Why Should We Hire You?

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